Nerve Interference and Your Health

From birth and throughout your life, the vitality of your life depends on the uninhibited flow of life energy messages from the brain to and from all the tissues and organs of your body. God did a great job when he created the original human body. You can learn to appreciate your body more by reading Psalm 139.

To accomplish the two-way energy messaging between your brain and your entire body, you are equipped with the brain stem, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the autonomic nervous system. The spinal cord is protected in a canal within the spinal column. This column has twenty four moveable segments for different motions and functions. Each two adjoining segments are referred to as a MOTION SEGMENT.

Each motion segment is a structural and functional unit that consists of the two vertebrae, with a disc cushion absorber between them. It also contains the nerve roots leaving the spinal cord to convey the energy messages over the peripheral nerves to and from the whole body. Together with all the supporting tissues, each MOTION SEGMENT provides EFFECTIVE SYNCHRONIZED FUNCTION. They also interrelate with the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM adjacent to the spine which controls the function of internal organs.

NERVE INTERFERENCE (NI) is an abnormal change in the dynamics of the life energy flow over the nervous system. NI OCCURS MOST FREQUENTLY ALONG THE SPINAL MOTION SEGMENTS, when one or more become fixed within their normal range of motion, because of excessive mechanical, nervous system, or biochemical stress in your life.. NI causes abnormal changes in function of tissues, and sudden or eventual symptoms of DIS-EASE-MALFUNCTION-PAIN. Chiropractic doctors know how to locate the motion segment fixations, and how to skillfully adjust them to restore normal energy flow and function. They heed the admonition of HIPPOCRATES, the ancient Greek physician, who told his students: “IN DIS-EASE LOOK WELL TO THE SPINE.” This applies to your nervous system, your spine, and YOUR optimal health: TODAY!


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